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Get 10% Additional Discount On Your First Purchase {MYSTARGARDENS10} - For Contactless Delivery use Prepaid Shipping
Get 10% Additional Discount On Your First Purchase {MYSTARGARDENS10} - For Contactless Delivery use Prepaid Shipping

About Us

Star Gardens About Us

Star Gardens is delivering Global Products directly to the Customer from the Manufacture, Has we are the direct Import & Exporters of many Products Globally where the additional cost going to stockists, Distributors, Wholesalers, and Retailers. But now Customer is getting all the benefits at their fingertips.

My Star Gardens is the authorized distributor for Star Gardens products pan INDIA.

My Star Gardens translates to a house of intriguing objects. We aim to capture the spirit of modern-day living by curating intriguing artistic decor objects that are crafted for the discerning. Committed and rooted in curating contemporary decor products for home & garden from all over the world, My Star Gardens was started by a group of design family members with a clear vision to cater to an audience that has a distinct sensibility.

Our Journey:

The Star Story began when a group of likeminded design family members understood the market gap for luxury home & garden decor products. The vision was to curate and create a home & garden decor brand like no other! Our team is passionate about design and art, strongly envisions the brand to translate the same. In short, we love design and tech, therefore our journey begins online.

Our Culture:

My Star Gardens is rooted in design and art, understands form and function - constructing a modern design narrative for India. Our emphasis is on art and the artist. We look at handpicking contemporary designers who are strong interpreters of our culture and combine their talents with the passionate team.

Our Collections:

Animal Figures -

A collection made to be active in your mind and home aesthetically, cute animals brings you ranging goodness of metals and gold that you can create your space with.

Animal Figures – Elephant, Lion, Cat, Rhino, Deer, etc.

Resin Pots -

Resin Pots is made with strong inspiration from nature. Its instinct, it's form, its color and is tastefully translated into our collection. The collection consists of inspiring Star Gardens that heighten your Sense.

Resin Pots - Nature-inspired products for Succulent Plants in Garden.

Ceramic Pots -

Ceramic Pots add you home & garden earthy collection, designed form various aspects with high sense of color and texture perfectly made for succulents.

Ceramic Pots - Nature inspired products for Succulent Plants in Garden.

Moos Frame & Paintings -

This collection is to inspire every aspect of your life with colors.

Moos Frame & Paintings - Colorful products and paintings.

Terrariums -

Terrariums bring you our earthy collection, which gives you an overarching aesthetic that is clean and modern with a clean touch.

Terrariums - All pottery, glass, metal, & wooden products.

Living Edge Furniture -

Living Edge Furniture brings you, everyday usable home & garden decor, to show you that accessibility can go hand in hand with style, to provide your home practical details whilst giving it a good look.

Living Edge Furniture’s - All utility-based (Tea table, Dining table, Wine case, Bookstand, etc).