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Get 10% Additional Discount On Your First Purchase {MYSTARGARDENS10} - For Contactless Delivery use Prepaid Shipping

Terrace Garden Service In Bangalore

Terrace Garden


A terrace garden is an incredible way to introduce greenery into your life, home or workspace. Urban homes often lack a yard or a proper garden space. Cultivated on a terrace, patio, or a rooftop, a terrace garden is the ultimate utilization of space to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home or workspace. Transform your Terrace into an exciting paradise for family gathering or party. Terrace Gardens help keep ambience cooler and increases fresh air circulation. Customize the Terrace Garden to suit your budget as well as your space requirements. Terrace Garden Designs in Bangalore start from Rs.49, 999/-.

Customise Your Terrace Garden Now 


Terrace Garden



  • Reduces Indoor Temperature
  • Improve air quality
  • Place to Relax with your Family
  • Absorbs Heat and keeps the surrounding cooler.
  • Source of Mini farmyard where fruits and veggies can be planted


Garden Maintenance & Services


Garden Maintenance & Services

We will develop, make and keep up your upward garden. With our moderate support bundle, you will have prepared experts visiting your home to guarantee it stays lavish and green consistently.


What is a terrace garden?

A terrace garden is a space which is set up on a patio, rooftop, or deck, normally in a house or space where there is restricted cultivating space and no land bundle accessible. These sorts of nurseries are particularly mainstream in metropolitan regions. Terrace gardens in the feeling of deck or housetop nurseries can be elaborate or practical, and they are normally planned with holder plants to make the patio simpler to oversee.

What are the spaces where I can consider building terrace garden?

Terrace gardens are generally built in homes or buildings with limited or no land parcel. The best spaces to build terrace gardens are extended outdoor decks and rooftops. We take up complete turnkey projects for terrace garden.

Is water proofing mandatory for terrace garden?

We generally prefer container plants as they don’t require any water proofing and are easier to manage. They have long term benefits in terms of replacing the plants or soil and comes without hassle of any leakage or water seepage issues. However, if required we do take measures for water proofing.

Do the plants do any harm to the structure of the building?

We do take multiple measures to ensure no harm to the building structure. Plants are generally put in containers. We consider plants with fibrous roots which do not cause any harm to the roof.

How will I ensure the maintenance of plants?

There are multiple steps we take to ensure that your terrace remains lush and green as it’s installed as following -

  • We provide low maintenance plants.
  • Option for drip irrigation system to ensure self-watering of plants.
  • Annual maintenance plan or periodic maintenance support as per client’s preference.

Do I need a water connection in my terrace?

It is not a must. In the absence of water connection you have to manually water the plants. We can also provide you options of low maintenance plants in bigger size containers with our proprietary soilless media in which plants will do well with even watering once in a week. We do take care of extending plumbing work to ensure water connection on terrace.

What are the services taken up by Star Gardens?

Plumbing, Electrical work, Masonry work, wooden work, Seating, Pergola, Tiling work, painting etc. We will take up everything to ensure we build the space as per your requirement.

Will the products used for terrace garden sustain outdoor weather conditions?

All the products we use or install in terrace gardens are suitable and sustainable for outdoor use. It can handle outdoor weather conditions easily.

What will be the typical lifetime of my terrace garden?

A terrace garden once built is forever. All our products are built to sustain in outdoor for years. It doesn't requires any significant maintenance over time other than standard wear and tear.

What are the general sizes and quality of plants used?

We ensure standard size and highest quality of plants to ensure your terrace looks lush and green from day 1.

Do you take up project for existing terrace garden renovation?

We will be happy to do that. However, we do not take up partial renovation work.

Do Star Gardens maintain the garden post installation?

Yes, you can opt for our annual maintenance contract.